November 14th, 2024 | Virtual 24 hour Indigenous Global Economic Forum

What is Indigenomics NOW?

Hosted by the Global Centre of Indigenomics, the Indigenomics NOW Forum offers a unique space for global Indigenous economic knowledge development and mobilization while creating the opportunity and space for leadership and connection. 

Indigenomics NOW establishes a space for modern Indigenous economic design built on the foundation of ‘Life at the centre' and will serve as a design platform to create the space for unique and diverse voices to uphold Indigenous economic worldview. 

  • Highlighting Indigenous economic knowledge systems
  • A global Indigenous economic design platform for connecting and engaging
  • Highlighting Indigenous sustainable economic leadership
  • Uphold Indigenous economic worldview


The concept of tsawalk, or “one,” as expressed within the Nuu-chah-nulth Indigenous  worldview describes that all living things – human, plant, and animal – form part of an integrated whole brought into harmony through constant negotiation, exchange and mutual respect.

Today, the experience of ‘things fall apart’ has become a global phenomenon particularly with respect to two crises:
1) humanities relationship with humanity 
2) humanity’s relationship with the environment  

We are in a relationship crisis, a crisis of protocol and of relativity and connectivity stemming from a dominant global economic system – symptoms of own worldview.

From Principles of Tsawalk- An Indigenous Approach to Global Crisis by Dr. Richard Atleo PHD, Indigenous elder. 

Indigenomics NOW is designed to reflect the natural world and serves to advance an economic narrative that is shaped by the natural world. This inaugural forum will be 24 hours digital content expressed by Indigenous voices across the globe following the sun’s pathway to bring both the light and the dark into focus. The forum agenda highlights Indigenous voices that serves to cross the experience of linearity of the dominant economic narrative and is instead shaped from the structure and rhythms of the natural world drawing from the planetary systems and cycles including the 13 moons through 13 streams of content and the 4 directions with 4 engaging stages. 

Indigenomics NOW hosts include:

Carol Anne Hilton

Sage Lacerte

Justin Holness

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14th November 2024

24 hours online


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