Jennifer Dolynchuk

Jennifer Dolynchuk has a passion for connecting with people. Over her 20-year Film & Television journey, she has had the pleasure of interviewing 600+ celebrities while reporting for APTN, CTV, Global and ANDpop. Fascinated by film sets and eager to learn from talented crews, she jumped behind the scenes in Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles for various production roles. As a producer for WRLDCTY, she booked 500+ urban innovators, curating 150+ conversations on stages in Vancouver, London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York, broadcasting to an online community of 20K+ in 270 cities worldwide. 

Jen’s most memorable campaign was producing #TDThanksYou. With over 7 million views, the series celebrates local community heroes by highlighting acts of kindness. Jen is proud of her career-long commitment to sharing impactful stories, cultivating meaningful relationships, and creating experiences that resonate and bring joy to others.