Chitinthi Tembo

Lead Systems Designer Co-Founder of BIPOC Creative Association and an emerging Film Maker and Director.-Tinthi Tembo is the Co-Founder of BIPOC Creative Association and an emerging Film Maker, holding a multidisciplinary background in Human Geography and Critical Studies in Sexuality. Tembo was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe and moved to Canada as a teenager, which informs her visionary outlook on storytelling. 

Tembo is a community advocate for diversity and inclusion within storytelling. She operates from the African philosophy; Ubuntu, which in laments terms means “I am, because you are;” community comes first, not the individual. BIPOC-CA is a not-for-profit, which she co-founded with two others; their mission/vision is to raise the voices of Black and/or Indigenous creatives, who have often been under celebrated within cultural and creative spaces.

Tembo spent her formative years observing the world and dissecting social environments around her. This outlook inspired her studies throughout university, as well as informing her work to date. In 2019 she Co-Founded a Society and Culture website called Origin Papers, where she and her team connect us together one story at a time through interviews, event coverage and a podcast titled Papertrails Podcast. Prior to, Tembo worked within the Tech space focused on talent acquisition for IT and Engineering roles. She believes that it is our time to share our truth, reimagine, and reshape our own futures.